October Sanctuary Updates

October Sanctuary Updates

Our beautiful boy Coyote has taken part of our hearts with him.

Caring for 100+ rescues equals a lot of love. It also equals a lot of death. It’s the most rewarding and heartbreaking work.

We know that we will lose every single of our rescues at some stage, and we have to keep going regardless. Coyote’s passing has been tough.

Knowing we won’t get to see him daily and care for him ever again, is soul destroying. If you’ve ever visited House of Strays Sanctuary, you may have been Coyote’s chosen one.

If Coyote got the chance, he’d have peed up your leg the moment he got close enough. He made so many visitors laugh, and so many visitors have to take a shower!

We even have a memory of a visitor borrowing one of founders skirts – just to stop the other dogs from smelling Coyotes urine and marking their territory.

He was a character and the Sanctuary could never be the same. We always say those same words. But, that’s how big of an impact one rescue at House of Strays has on our founders life. The whole team feels it.

Yet another TVT case in desperate need of our help…

We were contacted about this poor girl who is suffering from TVT cancer at 16 years old! After Investigating we learnt that she does have a local Khmer family, but unlike Toni – they would prefer that she be taken away.

We always try to educate and offer support to keep an animal always with their family. Especially a 16-year-old dog that doesn’t need a big change in their life.

Outreach is actually only sustainable this way. We do not want to take rescues who can live happily free roaming with Cambodian families – away from those families.

However, it’s not possible to treat her without the care she will need daily. In between her weekly chemotherapy, she could begin to deteriorate and we need to be alerted of this immediately. We need the family’s full cooperation to ensure she isn’t going to suffer. Sadly in this case, that won’t be possible.

She is currently an inpatient, where she is being cared for every day. We still don’t know exactly what the next few days/weeks will bring but we will continue to do everything we can to save her life so that she can live out the rest of her life at our Sanctuary.

Help Us Help Lulu!

Lulu has a Khmer family, who are fully invested in her rehabilitation. She is also suffering with TVT cancer, and has a very large tumor. She has been suffering for a very long time. Her local family tried to treat her before, and was told by a local inexperienced vet that there was nothing that can be done.

We are so happy to be able to help Lulu’s family, and give Lulu another lease of life. Lulu’s owner came along for her first treatment/session and we are so excited to see her tumor begin to shrink over the next few weeks.

Lulu is not an impatient and will be staying with her family at her home, and we will be overseeing closely.


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